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Happy National Cookie Day!

Did you know that December 4 is National Cookie Day? This is a day we can all celebrate. What makes your perfect cookie? For me, it has to not be too hard and best served warm.

For National Cookie Day we went on a quest to find the best cookies around town and discovered Mami’s Baking Co. They were built with one goal in mind: to create the perfect cookie. We asked them to share some of their pro-tips on how to make a good cookie and here is what they said.

  1. Always sift your flour.
  2. Always measure accurately.
  3. Get an oven thermometer just to double-check your oven. An oven with some mileage on it may not still be calibrated perfectly.

I am certainly going to try these tips out next time I make cookies. And if you are like me you can just pick some up from their website here.

They have some ridiculously good cookie options that do not disappoint. Here is what we tried:

The Cookie Monster: This is a blue sugar cookie with a chocolate chip middle. So good!

Red Velvet Delight: We love Red velvet in our house. This cookie is so good. With white chocolate chips and a cream cheese filling, you’ll wish you had two!

Ms. Witherspoon: This was my absolute favorite. It has all the right things for me! Peanut butter and chocolate with a Reeses Peanut Buttercup in the middle.

The Crownie: This is one part chocolate chip cookie with a yummy brownie middle. This was good too!

If you are looking for a way to celebrate national cookie day and support a local business make sure to check out Mami’s Baking Co.