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Gov’t Cheeseburger

We decided to grab take out from Gov’t Cheeseburger. They are a temporary burger shop from the folks at Postmaster. Their location is on Cedar Street in Cary, North Carolina.

What we had to eat:

Baconmaster: two patties, gov’t cheese, pickled green tomato, bacon, tomato aioli.

Mushroom Patty Melt (local white bread): two patties, peppered, shrooms, swiss, funyun sour cream.

The sandwiches came with these amazing chips. They are housemade salt and malt vinegar chips.

Dickle Pickle Spear – These were whole pickle cukes made with Dickle rye.

This place is for sure worth the drive from Raleigh. Their burgers were great. And the Blenheim Ginger Ale on the menu. What else could you need in life?