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Day 4: Rocket Science IPA

Day four of this beer-vent calendar and we are headed to beer from the beautiful South in Durham – Fullsteam’s Rocket Science IPA. This is a great beer coming in at 7% ABV  / 85 IBU this is one of my “go to” local IPAs.

Rocket Science is a true-to-style American IPA inspired by the quest for harmony. We longed for an IPA that exuded confidence in its restraint, that paired well with any meal, and that wouldn’t destroy your palate. We found equilibrium in the optimal balance of sweet malts and bitter hops, an IPA both refreshing and refined.

Fullsteam’s beer is great and their philosophy as a company is just as good –

Fullsteam’s mission is to craft distinctly Southern beer that celebrates the farm and food traditions of the American South.

We express our love for community and the land through the Southern Beer Economy. Through the act of commerce — including our commitment to a living wage for our employees — our purchases (and yours) foster community and agricultural pride, create wealth, and encourage entrepreneurship within the post-tobacco South.

And though our mission is lofty, we aim to keep it all fun. At the end of the day it’s beer: the beverage of celebration, backyard gatherings, good food, and good people.

If you haven’t had this IPA add it to your beer-vent calendar list.