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City Barbeque – Cary, NC

I like barbeque. I am a little picky about what I really like but for the most part, I am a fan of most everything the state of North Carolina considers barbeque. I am not a complete snob and while I might prefer the traditional barbeque locations I don’t mind trying a chain restaurant every now and again – even one that originates in what most might consider a non-BBQ state like Ohio. And that finds us at City Barbeque in Cary.

I’ll have to say the look and feel of the place was exactly what you would like to see when you walk into any place serving BBQ. You can see the smoker and the meat prep area clearly and the smell of smoked meat hangs in the air. Not in an offensive way but in a way that instantly makes you hungrier than you were.

The origin of the store may have been out-of-state but everyone we met was friendly and helpful – another mark of a good place. When I asked about the vinegar slaw they were quick to grab a sample and it was great despite not being the Lexington-style red slaw I was hoping for. We ordered pulled pork and four different sides and like any good place should the service was quick and despite being crowded for a Sunday afternoon we were able to find a seat quickly.

The meat was good and the sauces available were as well. Nothing over the top just good solid well smoked pig. The sides were very good – I highly recommend the Corn Pudding.

I plan on going back and want to try the brisket and maybe the ‘More Cowbell’ sandwich. Overall a great choice when you are in the mood for a good quick meal.