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B Sweet – Los Angeles

I stumbled across B Sweet online and realized this is the type of place I like to find while I am on vacation. With no vacation planned and maybe not one any time soon I decided to check out their online store and ordered some of their cookie dough and specialty butter.

Because – well – it may be a while before I visit Los Angeles again and for some reason, those two items sounded good to me.

B Sweet was created to bring back the homemade taste in cakes, cookies, pies, and many other pastries. This young company has an unmatched level of quality in its products, and it clearly shows not only through its presentation but also in its taste.

Individual handwork and attention to detail enable B Sweet to produce fresher and more authentic flavors then pastries produced in larger corporate kitchens. Using the highest quality ingredients such as fresh fruits purchased from the local farmer’s market makes up its “yummy factor”.

Our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction is incomparable to those larger companies. If your palette is craving mouth-watering and heartwarming baked goods, B Sweet offers the best selection available.

We tried the Cookies & Cream Butter and the Cookie Monster Cookie Dough. The packaging was great having shipped USPS from California and the two 8oz jars were a great size to sample and share. We tried both immediately and decided that we’d use the very sweet and rich butter as a waffle topping and eat the very tasty and guaranteed to turn your tongue blue dough as a standalone snack. It may not surprise you to learn that it went quickly.

I would recommend B Sweet and would definitely order from them again. Next time I plan to order some of the cookies (Ube and Matcha) and maybe check out some of the items in their other store Big Boi. This time to be safe I stayed well within the lines of what I thought I knew and would like. I can only hope they start shipping some of the other desserts you can find on their Instagram.

So while going out into the world may be on hold a little while longer we’re going to keep trying to bring the world to us. The hope is that eventually, it is safe enough to travel and visit all the places we’ve ordered from right?