You may not have heard that Quentin Tarantino has a new movie coming out with all the Star Wars hype or maybe you wouldn’t have noticed anyway. Credit where credit is due Tarantino is a crude, raw and seldom acquired taste that doesn’t really fit everyone’s palates for movies. I am not a huge fan of his work and feel he often distracts from great dialogue and story-telling with graphic violence for simple shock value. The Hateful Eight in many ways was no different from his earlier works and in other ways completely different.

The Hateful Eight won’t disappoint Tarantino fans the balance of a great story with shocking violence. So why should someone that is not a fan see this movie? If you like movies seeing this in 70mm during the roadshow is special. Released in only 100 theaters nationwide that had the right screen and projector this is a unique experience that rivals the action on-screen. (This marks the widest 70mm release in 20 years.) This is an ‘event’ as much as it is a movie starting with an overture of the movie theme in the beginning and an intermission between acts that creates a long bathroom line. This three-hour spectacle shot with Ultra Panavision lenses is a work of art even if the subject becomes a little questionable.

I would highly suggest seeing The Hateful Eight in 70mm before it ends – this movie isn’t the Sound of Music, Ben Hur or 2001: A Space Odyssey but not much is these days. The look and feel of this movie is classic and while the story may be all Tarantino you have to respect his paying homage to a lost art form of cinema.

More information on the roadshow – we were able to catch it at the AMC Southpoint 17 theater in Durham.