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Sexual Chocolate Infused

Sexual Chocolate is a 9.75% ABV craft brew from Foothills Brewing Company that is awesome in its own right. Escazu is a local chocolatier that makes unreal chocolate. Combine the two? Yes, Please.

This isn’t something you can just buy it requires a partnership and an infuser. The beer is forced through cocoa nibs to create an even richer and more chocolate flavor. I was extremely impressed. The flavor of the chocolate wasn’t overwhelming and the finished product retained the smoothness of the beer. As infused beers go this was one of the best I’ve had.

What was missing? Randy Watson of course. Because the children are the future.

Thanks to Tyler’s Bottle Shop for making this happen. If you haven’t found them yet they are hiding behind Tyler’s Taproom at Seaboard Station, have an awesome selection of beer and wine and a very knowledgeable staff.

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