Web Captioner (FREE)


Closed Captions, Live Captions, or Communication Access Real-Time Translation (CART) all add to broadcast and make it more accessible. While there are several paid ways to accomplish this details a free way to include captions in your live stream or video recording using OBS Studio.

First, you will need to download and install OBS Studio for your Mac or PC. (No additional plugins needed.) Then you will need to open a Chrome web browser to webcaptioner.com/captioner. You will add two sources to OBS – Audio Input Capture and Window Capture. The Audio Input Capture should be the same source you use for the webcaptioner.com website and the Window Capture should grab the Chrome web browser that is showing the site. I added a background video to mine but your layout should look like this –

You can adjust the size of your Window Capture as needed using the mouse to scale and the Option Key (Mac) to crop the window. I try to leave room for three lines of text. From here you can record or broadcast with captions for free.