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Why Star Wars was great…

Wait – did you say was? Don’t get me wrong – I would hug a wookie but the latest controversy over what’s being added to soon to be released Blu-ray edition of Star Wars has me concerned. More CGI? Yoda is being replaced with a cartoon? New dialog for Darth Vader? Obi-Wan says what? New eyes for ewoks? and worst of all? Greedo still shooting first.

Don’t think any of this means I won’t watch it. I mean… it is still Star Wars. I just miss the feel that came with a movie that had a real set. Like the one the right and the pictures linked here.

I think I have a certain attraction to these pictures because it looks like it would be an awesome parade float. Or maybe a certain float building team could have made a cool Star Wars set. Either way both aren’t happening because of CGI and that is terrible.

BTW this post is the first using (If This Then That) which should echo this post to the new NOSVC Tumblr account. Why? Why not. I’m not sure if I really need a Tumblr account in addition to the blog but like a lot of things I am going to test it out and try it anyway. We’ll see how ifttt and Tumblr work and report back soon.


  1. And that might be the greatest float idea EVER. We could build a giant green screen and claim we are putting the float in “post-production.”

    Can we borrow the weather equipment from your office and make this happen? It would be LUCAS-RIFFIC.

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