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Meta Quest 2 VR Experience

On our last trip to Disney Springs, we got to check out the Meta Quest 2 VR Experience featuring ILMxLAB’s Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge. This was a very cool guided experience for using the Meta Quest 2 VR device and a very immersive tour of the Star Wars Black Spire Outpost. If you are in the area or vacationing down there it is running in the former NBA Experience until July 21st.

And no – I am not sold on the Occulus/Meta Quest technology – yet. The experience is fun and I enjoyed trying the headset and playing in this very well-designed space for a few minutes. The gameplay and controls were very easy to understand and it didn’t take long to get started with a few simple tasks like playing darts and drums and moving into more advanced play like shooting aliens. I just don’t know how comfortable the headset would be for a longer period and without being able to really walk around it is more like sitting too close to the television/monitor than really feeling like you are there. The story, graphics, and world they have created are amazing but I don’t feel like it would be any less on a PlayStation or Xbox gaming system.

Maybe the technology isn’t there yet or worse maybe my expectations are too high. Either way – while I find this to be a lot of fun to try I do not plan to become an early adopter. CaraDMc had a lot of fun – check out her session here.

My suggestion – if you are there anyway – check it out. Even if you end up not wanting to be the next Meta Quest headset owner you will enjoy the space and the great job done by Meta to showcase this technology.