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Looking for something to watch?

Despite having 57 channels (that you pay for individually) there seems to never be anything on you want to watch. I might be worse with unlimited choices than it was when we were forced to select from a much more limited menu. So how do you find something new content to consume? Here are a couple of options I found. – did you love Star Wars? Other than the obvious sequels suggestions like – Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, John Carter, Guardians of the Galaxy, The Fifth Element, and Edge of Tomorrow are on the list. Not bad and all of them while not Star Wars shouldn’t do poorly with a Star Wars fan.

Taste Dive – is similar to BestSimilar but with a larger net covering Music, Movies, Shows, Books, Games, and more. The same search on Taste Dive gave results not just for movies but Books, Shows, and Places.

The next time you hit a roadblock for content try either of these sites and see what hits you may find that isn’t the thing but the thing similar to the thing. Good luck!