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Catamounts Win by 102 Points

So I am not an avid follower of my Alma mater’s athletic program – sorry Catamounts. I had to find out via DeadSpin that they lit the scoreboard up last night. That being said being and the unapologetic band wagon jumper I am – GO CATAMOUNTS!

And so bad things happened. Western Carolina led 18-0 at one point. They assembled the third-largest margin of victory in NCAA history. They set a school record for points scored and points scored in a half. Nine players scored in double figures, and all Western players played more than ten minutes. They outrebounded Toccoa Falls 62-16. Toccoa Falls turned it over 27 times and shot 28.3 percent from the field.

There will be much rejoicing after this win, from Asheville to Andrews, from Black Mountain to Bryson City. But think of the poor bible college students, won’t you? [SOURCE]

How awesome is that? Can you stop that Cat machine?

Update: More information on the AWESOMENESS.