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Morgan Street Jazz Monsters

The monochromatic monsters from the TRUTH / Vans Sneaker campaign (1,2) on the east side of Trophy Brewing & Pizza have been replaced by a more colorful group of monsters entitled Morgan Street Jazz Monsters: A Tribute to the Jazz Giants of North Carolina featuring Petey Pablo, Percy Heath, Lou Donaldson, Nina Simone, 9th Wonder, John Coltrane, Betty Davis, J. Cole, Max Roach, Thelonius Monk, Maceo Parker, Little Brother, Tina Brooks, King Mez, Rapsody, Kooley High, Tawl Ross, and Woody Shaw.

Both monster murals by artist Kevin Lyons who draws these whimsical beasts all over the country and has worked with clients as Nike, Converse, Umbro, Coca-Cola, American Express, and more.

To celebrate the mural Trophy Brewing has released an New England IPA named Morgan Monsters featuring a selection of the characters on the can. Available on tap and in four packs – I found mine at State of Beer. (Review later – it is a little early on a Sunday morning even for me.) Tried this after the Raleigh Beach 5k at Trophy on Maywood. This beer is outstanding – try it at one of the Trophy locations or pick up a four-pack.

If you get a chance swing by and check out the mural and try the beer. And – just to complete the experience listen to any of the artists above. That would be an amazing trifecta of sensory experiences. Enjoy!