I’ve been to locally hosted Brick Magic [2010,2011] and Legopalooza [2011] but this is the first official Lego company event I have attended. Probably because it is the first I am aware of the in the area.

So the highlights – lots of interactive hands on building. Something that just didn’t happen at the other events. Many more large – very large structures than I’ve seen in one place. So awesome large builds. A great store – where I bought a couple of things I had planned to buy and a few things I didn’t plan to buy. More bricks than I think I’ve ever seen in one place – ever. Calling it “kidsfest” was exactly the right thing. If you had kids old enough to play with bricks they were going to have fun. There was a lot to do and things going on all over the convention center floor.

Unfortunately – there wasn’t the same feel of Brick Magic or Legopalooza with the level of creativity that some of the displays had. They weren’t bad – there was just nothing there that left you in awe of the individual accomplishment. Everything here had a nice polished corporate feel to it. Not bad just different. In many ways I really like the smaller festivals a little more.  Pictures after the jump and if you have kids – and your kids like Lego bricks – it is worthwhile to overwhelm them at this event. Be careful – there are deals to be had and you could end up with a trunk full of Lego – just like I did.

EDIT: Forgot to mention – DC Universe Super Heroes is coming in 2012. I assume from the looks of it that means video game but it likely means some awesome sets as well featuring Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman (they may look like this).


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