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Raleigh Police Memorial

The Raleigh Police Memorial was unveiled this past Friday after the pouring rain moved through.  Unfortunately I missed the ceremony and only caught the rain and a few pictures as I tried to protect the camera. The planned event was only delayed an hour but with soaked shoes I had already moved on.


  1. Remember them. Remember why they died.

    Officer Tom G. Crabtree
    End of Watch, September 1, 1922

    Officer Robert E. Sparks
    End of Watch, March 8, 1968

    Officer James W. Allen
    End of Watch, December 5, 1968

    Officer James G. Lee
    End of Watch, December 5, 1968

    Officer Delma D. Adams
    End of Watch, February 3, 1980

    Officer Denise Holden
    End of Watch: August 4, 1995

    Detective Paul A. Hale
    End of Watch: July 11, 1997

    Officer Charles R. Paul
    End of Watch: September 10, 2002

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