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And the envelope please…

…as announced at the St. Patrick Day Parade fundraiser yesterday the theme for this year’s float is – IRISH DISCO. That’s right we are using the flux capacitor to take us back in time to the 1970’s for a float ride from the days of mirror balls and wild polyester.

Yes – I am aware that this wasn’t on the earlier ballot. The accounting firm of Gaughran & McLeod counted the ballots, lost the ballot box and hung a chad. Needless to say – we opted for a different direction. All apologies to those who wanted something else. I think this theme will work just fine.

Not sure what an Irish Disco should look like? Early internet research found this and this. Suggestions for what to wear? Start here and post your ideas in the comment section.

Speaking of what to wear – Why do you want to dress up?  The St. Patrick Chalice Challenge is why… he/she who is deemed to:
a) show least spirit in costume
2) bring the least amount of candy or
c) help the least in float building/decorating

shall finish drinking from St. Patrick’s Chalice before out float leaves the parking lot. St. Patrick’s Chalice holds 24 ounces of whatever the victim chooses (milk, beer, chocolate pudding). In other words, if you show up on parade day in blue jeans and a t-shirt, or just show up empty-handed, or don’t help build/design the float… be prepared to chug your 24 ounces of Pepto Bismol.

And introducing The Inaugural Celebrity Invitation… track down and invite any celebrity to ride on our float (local ones are too easy). If your celeb joins us, you are named “King/Queen of the 2012 Parade” and the rest of us will buy your dinner. Examples after the jump Any celebs tied to our theme (disco dancers, 70s stars or even porn stars) will get bonus credit as a tiebreaker (if needed). No participation required for this challenge. But have fun with this. Hey – if we succeed in this, we will once again be voted “Most Fun Float”. By ourselves.

I really have no idea where that picture came from. I Googled “DISCO FLOAT” and got that. Yes – I know that looks like Dobbins, Sterling and Nick but I have no proof that whether it is or is not them.