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Yuengling’s Ice Cream Review

Most in North Carolina are familiar with Yuengling the Pennsylvania beer that came into our state in 2002. Did you know that America’s Oldest Brewery also makes ice cream? I didn’t until I saw my first container walking through Lowe’s Foods in Garner.

It was intriguing and I shot out a message on Instagram about the find. The awesome social media folks at Yuengling replied and I was set on a path to review their product.

I decided to start with the Black & Tan. An obvious homage to the beer of the same name described as “A Swirl of Rich Belgian Chocolate Ice Cream and Salty Caramel Ice Cream.” Typically I would go for vanilla in a review but the tie to the beer not to mention the chocolate/caramel description were great selling points.

The first thing you notice when you pick up the container is the weight and when you open the container the density of the product. It has a very creamy consistency that is inline with what one would expect from a high-end ice cream product made from quality ingredients. The flavor was great. The chocolate was subtle and matched nicely with the salted caramel. Both flavors complimenting one another and neither taking a commanding role in overwhelming the palate.

Bottom line – this is excellent ice cream. It definitely lives up to its $8 a quart price tag. If you want more information on the product you can visit their website and if you are interested in finding your own check their store locator.

I am also looking for suggestions on what to try next. Here are the options that my store has – which way would you go?

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