Midjourney is an independent research lab that produces a proprietary artificial intelligence program under the same name that creates images from textual descriptions. You create artwork with Midjourney using Discord bot commands. From a newbie channel just type /imagine with a description from there the bot will create what you are requesting. You can also get an update or variation on any of the images generated. You have about 25 queries before a subscription is required starting at $8 a month. You can watch the requests being made and see a variety of interesting artwork on the newbie channel.

I requested a “modern futuristic logo for 919raleigh.com that is colorful and fun” and this is what it sent.

It got the basic concept right but had a little trouble with the numbers and letters. I wouldn’t abandon it completely but it might be hard to use these as is. That being said I do think there is a lot of potential in this and it took less than a minute to create.

Next try – “graffiti style logo for 919raleigh.com using bright colors in a Banksy style” and this is the result –

Again – strong on basic concepts and may be a really good starting place to consider for the design. It looks very similar to the previous request and I could see using any of these in a future logo design.

The last one, for now, is a “classic logo design for 919raleigh.com using the Raleigh skyline in black and white” and the results –

Another really good starting point and several elements here I think I could use to create a really good logo if I wanted. This is a pretty interesting and perhaps useful tool to add to the toolbox. I like the idea of having the AI create a starting or inspiration point that could be built on and used to create something new and different.

What would you use this for -or- what would you ask for to get a better logo for the site?

Images from other users in the Discord channel: