The cantina has been a fixture in Star Wars lore since Obi-wan disarmed one alien and Han Solo shot first on another. In Hollywood Studios, you can experience the crowded space-themed saloon firsthand and try some interesting drinks. I decided to get a Fuzzy Tauntaun to start. This is something I had tried before and it is really a fun drink (maybe even a good drink) that makes your mouth numb from the special foam floating on top. At its core, it is a Fuzzy Navel-styled drink with elements of peach and orange taking center stage but slightly elevated in both flavor and presentation. 

To follow up the sweet level I decided to change over to a Bad Motivator IPA made by the Sierra Nevada Brewing Company. Made with Galaxy and Comet Hops (I see what you did there) it is a solid IPA that is not over hopped or bitter.

The food options are limited and really no one seemed to be there to eat. The focus was a unique atmosphere and the drinks. I mean who wouldn’t want a bar like this in the neighborhood or better yet in their house? This place is exactly what you would expect if you walked off the Millenium Falcon to get a drink in a universe a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

Oga’s Cantina is a hard ticket as you might imagine and reservations fill up quickly with no walk-up availability. So how did I get in with no reservation made months before? I talked to a cast member and was told to look for one in the My Disney app at the top of the hour this is when any canceled reservations are returned to the system. Just my luck I was able to grab a spot at the bar for a party of one. Yes – flying solo helped but I get the impression that some people make multiple reservations 60 days out just to cancel what they don’t want the day of or the day before. Something to keep in mind if you miss the earlier window. You might not be completely out of luck. Best of luck if your goal is to grab a day of spot – they do try to limit your time to about 45 minutes so I suggest reviewing the menu before you go in. I already had a game plan going in but I wouldn’t waste too much time studying it. Also – I would avoid the Rodian Ration. A couple of folks around me got that and it looks like a jello shot in a petri dish. Not the most appetizing ‘drink’ at a $15 price point but from a certain point of view maybe you’d like it.

And… may the force be with you!