Haunted Mansion Holiday #DL14


Like It’s a Small World the Haunted Mansion in Disneyland gets a Christmas makeover in the style of A Nightmare Before Christmas with Jack Skellington.

Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas inspires the great transformation from haunted house to Halloween Town, brimming with jack-o-lanterns and wreaths, sinister toys and kooky characters from the hit animated film. Don’t miss the ginger-dread houses and blood-curdling pies as the Oogie Boogie Man and others scare up some extra festive fun. Season’s Screamings, everyone!

This was an awesome twist on an old favorite. From what I could tell the attraction would have otherwise been nearly identical to its Orlando cousin with the exception of the building itself. (Disneyland is an antebellum mansion to fit the New Orleans square theme and Magic Kingdom is a gothic revival styled building.)

The video was taken with a GoPro but it was dark and hard to see much. You can see some of the Nightmare theme but it isn’t very clear. Fortunately, we got to walk around and take pictures of the outside of the building and the exterior decorations. We even found the hidden pet cemetery but I’ll save that for another post.