Tomorrow is the Krispy Kreme Challenge here in Raleigh -yes the one you’ve heard about and seen in ESPN.  You run approximately two miles from the belltower at NCSU to the Krispy Kreme on Peace Street, eat a dozen doughnuts and run back.  The challenge?  To finish in under and hour and with the doughnuts in your stomach and not on the side of the road.  Several of us did it last year and none of us made it past five doughnuts.  Acceptable behavior if you are a Casual Runner but not if you are a Challenger.  BobG ran this race last year and finished three doughnuts as a Casual Runner – this year he is swinging for the fences signing up as a Challenger and agreeing to finish the dozen.

The question isn’t whether or not Bob can run the distance – we all know he is more than capable of having an excellent running time.  The question is how many doughnuts will put him into submission?  Make you pick to the right and we’ll have video of his success or failure shortly after the race is completed.

We of course wish him the best of luck we just don’t think he can do four times the doughnuts he did last year.


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