A little before 2PM EDT I got to experience my first earthquake. In the immediate aftermath we were debating what might have happened. Our building has had a reasonable number of loud noises and odd movements in the past couple of weeks and despite this being louder and more violent than others we’ve experienced it wasn’t too far away from what one might expect. Especially sitting in the conference room with its frequently loud HVAC system. We did evacuate as a safety precaution but that was as much to release nervous energy among the staff as it was anything else.

Bottom line – all is well – at least here at the office.  There is concern  that we may have experienced a Lego disaster at home but that will have to wait till 5.

So we’re back – for now.

Next stop – Hurricane Irene. From there expect swarms of locusts and if you want to know more you better grab a Bible because this thing is likely to get bad. Maybe those people from May were just off by a few months?

UPDATE: Map showing areas reporting feeling the earthquake on the East coast.