Those of you who read the blog regularly know we love ice cream so much. It is one of our favorite sweet treats. We were super excited to try out Flavors Ice Cream located in Swift Creek Shopping Center.

Flavors ice cream serves super-premium ice cream from Wisconsin. They have rich high-quality ice cream made from 14% butterfat mix with 35-40% overrun. What this really means is the ice cream is excellent. It is smooth, creamy, and delicious. They have 24 flavors in rotation most days. They also carry milkshakes and homemade cakes.

We opted for two scoops each in the waffle cones. I had a scoop of Munchie Madness and a scoop of Yippee Skippee in the Madagascar vanilla waffle cone. Anthony opted for a scoop of the Yippee Skippee and a scoop of the Peanut Butter Cookie Dough in a Red Velvet waffle cone.

The Munchie Madness is a sweet cake batter ice cream swirled with a salted caramel ripple with Oreos, M&M pieces, and peanut butter cups. The Yippie Skippee is a creamy peanut butter ice cream with a salted caramel ripple, soft brownie chunks, and crispy chocolate-covered pretzels.

The ice cream coupled with the amazing waffle cones was so good. I cannot wait to go back. They have some crazy-looking sundaes that we will be back for. Here is the information before you go pro-tips. Their crazy shakes are only available on the weekends. The weekends are super busy so know you may have to wait. But, I think it is totally worth the wait.

Check out Flavors Ice Cream here.