So after a long trip to the Queen City, I am glad to be home. It was great to see everyone and great to watch the games but at the end of the day, it is nice to be back in Raleigh.

Here are the pictures from Round 2. I was using the 18-270mm Tamron lens from Section 202 for most of these. On a couple of occasions, either Cara or I walked down to get some better shots. I probably didn’t get the type of shots I would have if the game would have been less exciting. As it was my primary focus was watching the game – not getting the perfect shot. You’ll see more images from the Duke game because it was the furthest out of hand the quickest.

Overall I had a great time at the games. Charlotte was a good host and while they had less fanfare than most the games we saw were outstanding. After the jump is the first set of pictures which includes images taken by Cara and myself from all four of the games on Friday.


  1. Nice pics. Looks like a good time. Question about pic 34…. why is that guy holding his viewfinder? I’ve never understood why those guys do that.

  2. You would know more about that than me but he did do it the whole game. The guy on the other end – less so. He did have fun in the rolling chair.

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