Here is a parting look at the Lego Christmas Village.  I posted some pictures earlier this month on Facebook but never got around to posting them here.  It was a busy month with a lot of posting with the advent calendar so now that things have slowed down a bit I decided to add the images to nosvc as well.  The total size was around four feet wide and two feet deep.  I used several sets and included a snowball fight and a Star Wars nativity scene in the project.  More pictures after the jump and no – you can’t come and see it.  Like the rest of the Christmas decorations in the house this one has gone back to its respective home till next December.


  1. Couldn’t stand to have things up till 1/6.  I know that is the drill but the house is a little cramped with the tree up and all the nonsense everywhere.  Besides – the lego bricks wanted to go back to their cases.

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