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The next stop on our trip was Barbados. The plan was to head to a local beach and look for turtles. Why?

Barbados is host to four species of nesting turtles (green turtles, loggerheads, and leatherbacks) and has the second largest hawksbill turtle breeding population in the Caribbean. [SOURCE]

We figured based on what little we knew our odds were pretty good that we would see a turtle of some sort once we got out there. So we jumped off the ship, hailed a taxi, got out on the beach, swam about a quarter to half-mile offshore and found a couple of green turtles swimming around a boat hosting other snorkelers. Overall not a bad trip. The downside? Our taxi driver had trouble with the word “round-trip” vs. “one-way” – just a tip – on the islands always negotiate cab fare first then get in. After a little discussion, we came to an agreement but it is never fun to get caught in the middle of something like that when you are far from home.

Kinda makes you want to hide in your shell.