Today we visited the Crack Shack in Little Italy San Diego. Admittedly they are a little cocky. The restaurant is a new creation from Chef Richard Blais, who you may know from winning Top Chef All-Stars. He also appears in lots of different food shows.

Here is their food philosophy:

Out of our brave culinary Coop comes everybody’s favorite animal that crossed the road, reimagined — Southern California fried chicken and egg fare in the sunny so-cal spirit of inspired cuisine, spacious ambiance, lawn games and craft drinks for any occasion.

It is such a cool space. They have outdoor seating and a great bar area. They also have a bocce ball court. They are located in Little Italy so of course, they would have a bocce ball court.

What we had to eat – Well chicken, of course! We tried the following menu items:

  • Coop Deville -fried chicken sandwich, pickled Fresno chilies, lime mayo, napa cabbage, on a brioche bun.
  • Chicken oysters (original style)- pickle brined, mustard seed tartar with kale.
  • Schmaltz Fries
  • All the dipping sauces! Did someone say kimchi ketchup and siracha thousand island? Yum!!!

The food was great. It is quick order. You order at a window and they bring it out to you. If you are looking for a good place to eat that has a fun atmosphere, make sure to check out The Crack Shack.