Another stop from the Paris adventure of I’ll Have What Phil’s Having – L’As du Fallafel, home of the best fallafel in Paris (maybe the world). L’As du Fallafel is in the “Pletzl” Jewish quarter of the Le Marais neighborhood. It goes without saying this isn’t the only fallafel on the street. It is the only one with a line running down the block. Much like Berthillon the imitators are there but the real deal is easy to find. Just be prepared to wait.

I won’t go into my credentials (or lack thereof) when it comes to Mediterranean food. I am a fan of fallafel and was excited to try this for lunch. Was it the best? Maybe. I am still doing research now that I am home. So far I would rate this experience over two of my favorite places in Raleigh. I’ll keep looking. I hope to find something near me that is on par with L’As du Fallafel.