Wonderland? Alice? Ho Ho No! Our (award-winning theme) was a lot less Lewis Carroll and a lot more Burl Ives. Welcome to your Winter Wonderland. We had a few engineering issues with the sled but overall it was awesome. Big congrats to Nick T. on winning drag race and then surrendering the win for the greater good. Next year – keep practicing in Heather’s heels.

Back in 2002, the first year of the Kirby Derby, the only event was a big parade (unless you can call cocktails on the curb an event). Since those humble beginnings, Kirby Derby has grown and become a multi-faceted day of the fun and the strange.

Enjoy the pictures and if you have some to add – email them to me. Fortunately we made some new contacts on the street so maybe we’ll have a new base camp next year. In case you were wondering unlike real Christmas no elves or reindeer were harmed in the production of this event. Special thanks to EdG and i-Lean for all the awesome costumes.

Yes – we do have a trophy and we plan to Stanley Cup it around to all the participants. Expect more pictures as it makes the rounds.

BobG’s Pics –

Sonya’s Pics –


  1. Great Kirby Derby again as always! Can’t wait for next year. I’ll be gunning for a three-peat, but I’m guessing there will be some stiff competition…

  2. Awesome derbycar again, Andy! Simply amazing. We’re already looking forward to next year! Kirby Derby is one of Raleigh’s great annual moments.

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