img_6941This is the third year we’ve gone to the infamous Beer, Bourbon and BBQ festival held at the beautiful Koka Booth Amphitheatre in Cary [2009] [2010]. The second year we’ve gotten a safe ride from Darrell. The first year we’ve gone to the Friday night event. And the first year we created awesome fun things like the merry-go-round (duck, duck, goose), taking the hill (Teddy Roosevelt)  and “stage-laxing” (final copyrighted name pending). We could have gotten around to something useful but we had to stand in line for BBQ for a least an hour. (Time well spent in retrospect.) Otherwise as I’ve said before – the event is everything you would expect when you combine fun people with sample of beer, bourbon and a nice plate of BBQ.

As always hit the jump for more photos including the new phenomenon that BobG started of  laying on stage with a band.  If you have a better name for this than “stage-laxing” post it in the comments.


  1. What a great time shared with awesome friends!! We will have to make this an annual event for sure.  Thanks for the invite and for chronicaling the adventures!!

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