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You’ll never guess where I saw this…

We stopped in rural South Carolina at a gas station and saw the sign to the right. On close inspection, it appears to be an official SC DHEC (Department of Health and Environmental Control) sign. I’m sure there were several ESL options – this one seems a little unique at least to me.


I don’t know which Asian-looking language this is but I do know it seemed extremely out of place. We were about 20 minutes off of I-95 (a result of traffic) and saying this area was backwoods would have meant they had woods. It was the first place we saw after the only restaurant in town aptly named the “Burger Chick” – wonder what they serve.

What is the moral of this story? The Asian population in rural South Carolina will have clean hands. No – probably that I had my camera with me in the bathroom. Don’t judge – it resulted in this awesome find.