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Wilmington Winter Weekend

We recently spent a weekend in Wilmington and we thoroughly enjoyed it. We loved that it was a bit less crowded. The weather in North Carolina is also mild in the winter months and the weekend we visited it was 60 degrees!

Here is what we got to explore, eat and enjoy. All in less that 36 hours in town.

This is a great itinerary if you are looking to get away from Raleigh for the weekend. It is a short ride at just 2 hours. We left Saturday morning around 8 and were there by 10. I must admit we did pack a lot in on weekend but it was all really fun.

If you are looking to check out Wilmington make sure to visit the official Wilmington, NC Visitor Center. They are located at 505 Nutt Street in downtown in Wilmington. You can also contact them with questions about your trip before your visit. They are a wonderful resource and can help you plan the perfect getaway. Click here to check out their website.

And let us know below if you have any questions about our trip or fav spots in Wilmington to check out next time.