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Wilmington Water Tours

One of the things I love about Wilmington is the water front and to really see it you need to take the water tour. It was about 45 minutes long which was the perfect amount of time. You learn about the animals and some of the history of Wilmington. We got to see where the final fight scene in Iron Man 3 was filmed which was really cool. We also got to see some of the large cargo ships, which helped me understand how Wilmington is such a major player in international business. We saw a huge pile of wood chips, which is one of North Carolina’s largest exports. Our guide told us that a boat from Turkey would be in next week to pick it up and take it back to their country to make particleboard. I think the water tour allows you to get a better understanding of how the Cape Fear River is an integral part of Wilmington’s economy.

The tours depart from 212 South Water Street. You can even reserve your tickets ahead of time. Make sure to check out the details here.