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Western Carolina University

So most of the people that frequent this page know that as of today Cara and I have been married for seven years. If you know that much you probably also know that we met when we were both in school at Western Carolina University. Yes, that was over thirteen years ago and a lot has changed – both for us and for the school we both called home.

Going and walking around campus was interesting. There were more than a few new buildings. We visited Cara’s old dorm – found that mine was missing.  Rode by the new (to us at least) dorms and the Greek Village and saw the new fine arts building. Of course – its been at least ten years since we’ve been up to visit WCU so it is no surprise that so much had changed. Fortunately, a few of our old standbys were still in place – including Bob’s Mini Mart.

For the things that hadn’t changed time had taken its toll.  It was amazing how small the campus seemed even with the growth.  It was also amazing all the things that the students today have that we didn’t.  In a short thirteen years, the number of restaurants both on campus and in the area have tripled.  The football stadium has two sides, the track has lights and there is a new softball field – it was amazing.

It was a short visit and it may be another decade before we get back. Why? Well for starters it is a solid five hours doorstep to doorstep from Raleigh to Cullowhee. That makes it a ten-hour drive for a weekend football game.  So WCU needs to really be part of a larger trip or at the least a three day weekend.  Given its location that is hard to schedule.  Not that I wouldn’t like to make the trip more often but coming here for the sake of coming here?  Not extremely practical.  That being said I guess you can say I got what I came for the first time I was here.  Happy 7th Cara!  More pictures after the jump.