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Victoria, BC

O Canada! We needed a little more time for thee. Victoria, BC was a short stop on our tour and that was unfortunate. We made the most of it with a bus tour that took us through some of the most scenic areas of town. The first thing you notice in Victoria is how clean they keep the city. One of the more interesting stops was Mile 0 –

Mile 0 of the Trans Canada Highway is located on Douglas Street at the intersection of Dallas Road, near the beautiful Victoria waterfront. The Mile 0 marker is the start of the over 8,000 km Trans-Canada Highway that spans the entire length of Canada. The monument is located on a large grassy field adjacent to the beautiful Beacon Hill Park. Mile 0 is also home to a statue of Terry Fox. Fox lost his right leg to cancer when he was 18 years old. He started a cross-Canada run to raise money for cancer research, beginning in Newfoundland on the East coast of Canada, and was to end at the Mile 0 marker in Victoria. Unfortunately, Fox’s journey ended tragically near the halfway mark when he fell ill and passed away from cancer. Since then, hundreds of millions of dollars has been raised in his name for cancer research.

Very interesting city and much like our other stops along the way one I would like to go back to.