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VAB & 39A

If you don’t know what the VAB & 39A are please read here first – Vehicle Assembly Building and Kennedy Space Center Launch Complex 39. This doesn’t forgive you for not knowing but at least you’ll have a better idea of what you are looking at in these pictures. To walk in (or on) either place is to be completely overwhelmed by history. This is where we built the vehicle that took man to the moon, this is where we made low earth orbit a routine mission and this is where one day soon we’ll go even further.

Also in the pictures – the Space-X Falcon 9 that launched earlier this week, a weather satellite, an Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle MPCV mock-ups (pretty sure they are not flight ready), and a hydrogen tank that was purposefully made look “damaged” for a movie coming out next year. Most importantly in the Apollo/Saturn IV center, we all got to touch one of the rarest materials on earth – a moon rock.