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TRON Coaster in Tomorrowland #WDW19

Tomorrowland in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom has always felt a little disconnected. From Space Mountain, the PeopleMover, the Speedway, Astro Orbiter, the Carousel of Progress, Monster’s, Inc. Laugh Floor, Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin and whatever that Stitch ride was has no singular direction in the theme. I don’t know if the addition of a TRON rollercoaster will help this but I do think it will be a cool addition to the park overall.

If we are to guess that it will be modeled after it’s predecessor in Shanghai it will be unique in how you ride on it sitting in an upright/motorcycle position vs sitting like you are in a traditional ride car. It looks interesting given the location should connect the Storybook Circus area to the back of Tomorrowland.

I find it interesting to have this in the Magic Kingdom. I would have guessed this would be a better fit for either Epcot or Hollywood Studios given the adult nature of the movie it is a little more of an outlier to most of the intellectual property in the park. I don’t think of TRON with Cinderella, Dumbo, Little Mermaid, Winnie the Pooh or the other primary characters in the park. That being said with the other expansions going on maybe this was the best way to bring something new to the area.

Here’s a look at the ride already in operation at Shanghai Disneyland –