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The Haggis Whistle

The Haggis Whistle is said to “perfectly mimic the mating call of the Haggis.” Having never seen one nor heard its mating call I have no choice but to believe it.

As you may or may not be aware Haggi are in season from 30 November, St Andrews Day until Burns Night 25th January.  The haggis, unlike the grouse, are attracted to the sound of the whistle. This one is tuned to exactly the pitch that the haggis finds irresistible.

Each whistle is individually made and tuned to help catch haggis for the purpose of fine dining. This particular one has the unique distinction of traveling on foot for almost 100 miles in addition to the extra plane and train travel. I have been testing it and while I haven’t located either a three or four-legged haggis yet I have gotten some strange looks from the dog.


Thanks to Chloe & Brian for finding such an awesome gift and bringing it such a long way.