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Tailgate Lunch Party #NewSouth15

All weekend at the Pinehurst Food and Wine Festival there was no shortage of great food. From the moment we showed up we enjoyed exceptional food, wine, and craft beer. But it is football season and while Pinehurst is known for golf they didn’t shy away from pulling together an over the top tailgate spread. It didn’t matter that the follow-up didn’t involve cheerleaders or a live football game – the tailgate was an excellent stand-alone event. After so many big game disappointments over the years, they may have the secret combo to enjoying beautiful fall weather outside.

While we were there we got to try some outstanding beers – Pinehurst Pale Ale from Highland Brewing Company (sorry as good as it was you may not find it anywhere else), Thirteenth Hour from Samuel Adams and my favorite Gourd Rocker from Double Barley. I suggest finding Gourd Rocker – it might be the best pumpkin beer I’ve had in a while.