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Starbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room

Starbucks calls their Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room a coffee shrine. Being a coffee lover, I call it the Disneyland of coffee. This place is amazing.

At the tasting room, they have a tasting team with master roasters that experiment and try different things with coffee. You can also get some of the Starbucks Reserve coffees that are limited release here.

They have a menu that constantly changes so we decided to try the Brew Comparison Flight. This allows you to try the same Reserve coffee flavor prepared in 2 different ways. One on the Clover machine and the other using the pour-over method. We tried the Gravitas blend which had hints of plum and milk chocolate. It was great. I must say, I like the pour-over better than the Clover. Both were great though.

After enjoying our coffee, one of the employees brought over a latte for us to try. It was amazing. Really probably the best latte I have ever had. The steamed milk on it was great.

One interesting thing about the Tasting Room is the location of the restaurant Serious Pie right inside the Starbuck’s. So if you are hungry while sipping on your delicious cup of coffee you can grab a pizza from Serious Pie. We were there in the morning so we didn’t get a chance to try it out but on a return trip to Seattle I plan on grabbing something to eat there.

The Roastery is located just 9 blocks from the original Starbucks location on Pike’s Street. If you find yourself in Seattle, it is worth the trek up to Captol Hill to enjoy the Tasting Room. You will not regret it.

Very cool to see some Raleigh representation in their store from Gamila and their Impress Coffee Brewer designed right here.