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St. Maarten

So we are winding down our cruise rewind (aka virtual cruise) and this is us hanging out in St. Maarten – a wonderful place where much like our Honeymoon ten years ago I was offered the purchase of “ganja” on the street. On the upside, it wasn’t a small child this time. On the downside – I have no idea IF it is legal on the island but it still freaks me out to be asked that in public. I don’t know that I know the right and proper answer to the question so I just say no quietly – look all around me and try to get away from the person asking as quickly as possible. For some reason, I am convinced that I will end up in a Club Paradise situation if I say yes and that would not make it through Customs, the US Department of Agriculture, the TSA and everyone else that wanted to scan my bag. God bless Nancy Regan.

I don’t shy away from the local moonshine as pictured in the cup to the right. Especially in the form of a Guavaberry Colada.

Guavaberry is the legendary folk liqueur of Sint Maarten/St Martin. It was first made here centuries ago in private homes. People made what they needed for family & friends. It became an integral part of local culture & tradition. Guavaberry is our national liqueur. It is a cherished symbol of the olden days. There are folk songs & stories about it.

The bulk of our day was spent walking around the local stores, sitting on the beach and enjoying a few cold beers in the sun. Doesn’t that sound more like a vacation?

Below there are some pics from the Swatch store that show watches that come with anime bunnies of some sort. I need someone to tell me what they are. I thought they were cool but the folks in the store had no idea and I had never seen them before. Yes – I said Swatch. Cara bought one. And you thought Club Paradise and Nancy Reagan were going to be your only references from the 1980s.