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Space Needle

What do you think of when you think of Seattle? The iconic Space Needle of course! When in Seattle you must visit the needle. You can take a ride up in the elevator and go over 600 feet for the best view of Seattle. The observation deck has a few snacks and you can enjoy a beer while taking in the scenery. If you really want to be fancy you can go downstairs to eat in the restaurant that rotates. There is a minimum purchase of $50 per person and a 90-minute limit. We did go down to the restaurant to check it out but chose not to eat there. I think the view is great from the observation deck.

The Space Needle was built in 1962 for the World’s Fair. Here are some other fun facts about the Space Needle.

Know before you go –  If you want to you can order your tickets ahead of time and avoid the line. You can also purchase a ticket that allows you to go up twice during the day. It allows you to get a view of the city in the daytime and at night.

Here are our pictures from our first trip to the top…