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Ski Beech

We’ve been talking about a ski trip for a while now. Maybe even a couple of years. It finally happened.

There are some great stories but I am a little sore from skiing and perhaps my neurotransmitters are running a little slow so they’ll be told later. The quick run down – Flaming Dr. Pepper, yes it was 16 degrees outside, snow-covered everything, 8 AM wake-up to hit the slopes, near-death experiences, hot tub escapades, Harlem Shake and more. I’m not sure if that makes it sound more or less exciting than it really was but it was an awesome weekend.

Thanks to our Director of Ski Trip Planning (Chloe) for doing an awesome job this trip had all the food, drink and sore muscles one could ask for. Thanks to #at-Brian, H-Bomb, Nick T., CaraDMC and Hurricane Chloe for making it an awesome and memorable trip.

And yes – there are not a lot of pictures because it is hard to shoot with frozen fingers.