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Return of the Canoes

Once again we headed to the motherland of Southwest Virginia for Nick and Amy’s annual rain dance camping and canoe trip. Once again it was an awesome trip that left us with many memorable moments and some that we’d love to remember if only we had the brain cells left to do it. The most incriminating evidence was likely destroyed by the fire that Sterling added half a forest of wood to and I think everyone involved is likely good with that. We had more rain this year and while it was a bad downpour on Friday night for a while it was awesome all day Saturday for folks canoeing and pretty good for those of us who decided to take a nap.

So the good the bad and the ugly (not in any particular order) – 4AM sitting in the New River (literally), having this stuck in my head the whole ride home [Thanks Mitch], Ninjas? Why are these people always talking about ninjas?, watch out for the goat, “so my Boy Scout leader taught me…”, text Dobbins and find out his credit limit, let’s get Golf Cart Jesus back down here, did he really say Coors Light?, spaghetti pizza, did you really leave that in the store? think anyone will buy it?, are you the guy that writes nosvc? dependsdo you want to sue me?, Killer Bee? it was less stupid than what the other guys got, call your doctor after four hours? yeah – him and everyone else I know, quit yer hooping and hollering, we’re going to vote somebody off this island, you just crossed the creek in a golf cart? and they wouldn’t drive their car across it, no seriously – watch out for the goat, you know what that means – you’re single now, that says desert but they must have meant dessert – right?, don’t take my picture it will just end up on your damn website, is that a neck warmer or a tube top, I’ll eat that bug, I’m a professional marshmallow roaster, ninja please!

Pictures of the returning canoes are after the jump. If you have a quote to add to the list feel free. If you want a quote or image removed just let me know. Or if you’d like a copy I can email you one. If you would like to contribute to the NOSVC Legal Defense Fund please call or email BobG. From what I understand he was promoted to the rank of bail coordinator over the weekend – especially if you get arrested for voting incorrectly in a small town. Gotta watch out for that one.

Photo credit goes to CaraDMC who was snapping pics like a crazy person as everyone came in.