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Orlando Rewind – Part 2 #WDW13

More Disney? Maybe we’ll see an animal or two – like the one trying to make off with the giant handbag or maybe even a surprise proposal. (No surprise here – she said yes.) If you jump to a conclusion before you hit the jump you might want to bounce on out of here. All in all another great round of park adventuring. I even rode what has to be the wildest ride in Disney – Expedition Everest in the dark. Fortunately for me, no one took a picture of that picture and I was able to find a video of what the ride looked like in daylight. Thrill rider I am not.

When the day was done we headed home to the All-Star resorts to check out the four-story tall Buzz Lightyear in Andy’s room. And as many of you already saw on Facebook we crossed paths this trip with the infamous Pooh. Nope – he is still not allowed in the RV.