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No Diving but Certification Complete

The dives today were canceled due to the weather – stupid small craft environment. Fortunately we already had our certification dives behind us so we are official. The dive bags are packed in the minivan and we’re ready to leave.

Big thanks to the folks that were patient enough to get us through the beginning stages of diving and made us repeatedly clear our masks, find our regulators and find our neutral balance under water. We survived it and now should we decide to do it we can jump off the boat and go on our own into the cold water below.

Are we really ready??? SSI and our instructor seem to think so. I don’t see us doing anything too crazy yet but it is nice to think that I won’t have to start my next dive clearing my mask. It’s been a lot of fun and definitely an accomplishment.

The week in Key Largo was a success. We got what we came for – we would have loved to have had another couple of dives today but all things being equal we’re happy with the outcome. Congrats to everyone that got certified with us as well – from the 70-year-old to the 11-year-old. I guess if you are willing to follow through you are never too old or too young to get certified. If you are interested talk to the folks at Gypsy Divers and let us know when you are ready to get wet.