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Mmmmmmmm, donuts!

Want a Squishee, a Heat Lamp Hot Dog or a Lard Lad Donut? Mmmmmmmm, donuts! The Kwik-E-Mart comes to life in Myrtle Beach at Broadway at the Beach. With an assortment of Squishee flavors like Krusty’s Cherry Kough Syrup, Itchy Berry Blast, Buzz Cola and Radioactive Man Nuclear Cherry Lime Coolant this place has a ton of easter eggs for Simpsons fans.

Full of show references and unique memorabilia this is a great stop at the beach. Next door is The Simpson’s 4D Experience in Springfield’s Aztec Theater. We skipped it. It is free to visit and shop at the Kwik-E-Mart but tickets for the 4D show are $15 per person. I like the Simpsons but not sure about spending that much to see them. (All episodes are free right now on Disney+.)