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Marigot Bay – St. Lucia

Reportedly the home away from home for Mick Jagger, George Foreman and Oprah Winfrey the remote beach area called Marigot Bay is nothing short of impressive. When you think Caribbean Island this is the mental picture you should have – that is until you go to the islands and realize that most of them look like Durham with more sand.

Marigot Bay is only accessible by water taxi and that is why all the images you see here are from a boat and not land. We were coming back from the dolphin watch when we went on a short tour of the bay.

The most unusual thing was the amount of vegetation so close to the water. The “beach” wasn’t much and for so many reasons that made it more interesting than so many other places we saw on this trip. The sun had just started to come back out after threatening rain for most of the morning and that left the sky an incredible blue color that provided a good contrast to the lush green hills. Right place – right time – good pics.