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Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

The historic Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum is located a short distance from Endeavour’s home at the California Science Center in Exposition Park. We decided to take a couple of quick pics outside the stadium and of their infamous Olympic statues.

I vaguely remember at the time the statues being less than well received and the identity of the ‘models’ being a mystery.

The female and male torsos are modeled after two athletes – whose names the sculptor will not disclose – who will participate in the Games this summer. She is in track and field; he is on the United States water polo team.” [SOURCE]

I guess the artist finally gave them up – per this article on Wikipedia:

A pair of life-sized bronze nude statues of male and female athletes atop a 20,000 pound (9,000 kg) post-and-lintel frame formed the Olympic Gateway created by Robert Graham for the 1984 games. The statues, modeled on water polo player Terry Schroeder and long jumper from Guyana, Jennifer Innis, who participated in the games, were noted for their anatomical accuracy. [SOURCE]