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Klyde Warren Park

Building a 5-acre deck park over a recessed eight-lane freeway took an imaginative and hard-working team of Dallas leaders and a clear vision. Klyde Warren Park creates green space “out of thin air” that connects the vibrant Uptown neighborhood with the Dallas Arts District and downtown.

The entire time you are in this park you are playing over a massive highway. Unless you happen to be at one end or the other of the park where you can see the road you would have no idea.

Klyde Warren Park was designed by award-winning landscape architect Jim Burnett, principal of The Office of James Burnett. His design is meant to create a sense of discovery as you move to the different “rooms” throughout the 5-acre park. The sustainable landscaping includes 37 native plant species and 322 trees, transforming a former freeway to a beautiful urban oasis.

It is a very unique place and seems huge in the middle of the buildings around it. They had activities for everyone from a free morning yoga class, to foosball tables, ping pong, a dog park, a playground, a restaurant and more. We ran across another B & G and this time ClaireBMc and CaraDMc made the I in #DallasBIG. Definitely a great use of space in an urban community that is already built out.